Trypiti Beach

The beach Trypiti is part of the British bases area and is located in Zapalo bay (or Apollo), in the wider Bay of Episkopi of Limassol in the homonymous province of Cyprus, and about 20 km from Limassol.

In the past at the location of Trypiti beach operated a gravel quarry (which is mostly visible only from above) for the needs of the construction company Zapalo, from where this beach got its name. Afterwards, the company ceased its operations, and in its place a fishing shelter was founded, but it was also gradually abandoned by fishermen due to the inaccessibility of the area.

However here, the sea and nature created a hidden and almost inaccessible deep blue paradise. The beach Trypiti is hidden from view by the sand dunes and is approximately 800 meters long and only a few locals and hip travelers are aware of its existence, of the hidden shipwrecks at its sea bed, and of the small marina.

Access to the beach Trypiti is quite difficult and requires a 4×4 car. The road from Kourion to the Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates leads to a dirt road to the left. If you decide to descent to the beach on foot, keep in mind that the hike requires experienced hikers because of the eroded soil of the area.

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